Angel Protecting Empaths


My idea for angels sometimes comes from certain Bible passages. Ones like the Christmas verses: "..they were so afraid.." "fear not.." etc. I sometimes make them very beautiful, feminine even. And sometimes I make them like this one and like the ones in 'Guardian Angels' (which can also be seen on this site.) Art is often representative. For all I know, if there are angels, and I personally think they very well may exist, we haven't a clue what they really "look" like .. if what we think of as 'seeing' is even relevant for that dimension. So I give my imagination a lot of elbow room with my symbolic depictions.

Oils on stretched canvas. 16" x 20". 3/4" deep, sides painted. Varnished with Damar. Unframed. Free shipping.

Angel Protecting Empaths
by Peter Gullerud
Available for $550

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